Died:  Abraham Lincoln,” by Emma D

Our people are mourning
    From the east to the west;
 We bear to his slumber
    Our wisest and best.
A light has departed,
    Our beacon for years,
And left our proud nation
    To darkness and tears.

But the gloom o'er our hearts
    Will not linger long;
May those sad tears give place
    To freedom's glad song.
For our brave Lincoln's name,
    Like our banner unfurled,
Will now fling its glories
    Abroad to the world.

A name to the list
    Of the names that we love!
A soul to the circle
    Of dear ones above!
A star in that banner
    The breeze never bore,
Which teams in the temple
    Of those gone before.

O dark was the morning
    That dawned o'er his close!
His life given up
    To the hand of our foes:
In the day of our troubles
    The hope of each breast—
Our pilot in storms
    And our haven of rest.

Our eagle will mourn
    O'er the patriot's grave,
And emblem the grief
    Of the free and the brave;
And the couch of the sleeper
    Is holy with prayer,
And the hearts of our people
    Are gathering there.

Sad, slow was the march
    Of the funeral train,
And gloomy the banners,
    And mournful the strain;
Silent and solemn
    That multitude moved—
The homage of freemen
    To one whom they loved.

 O thus be forever
    Our feelings outpoured
To him who is worthy—
    The patriot's reward!
In that nation which rises
    Such men to revere,
O who can Disunion
    Or Slavery's curse fear!

-- Emma D.